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Barhi Dates


Barhi date palm is one of the finest date palms and is characterized by its high yield. Tamara Farms services offers you high quality Barhi date palms at affordable prices. The tree has heavy trunk of medium height, leaf bases are broad.


Barhi dates are nearly cylindrical, light amber to dark brown when ripe, soft, with thick flesh and rich flavor and superb quality. The Barhi Date is the softest of all dates. These dates are large and round. When picked in their yellow state, they are referred to as Khalal; they taste semi-sweet and are as crisp as apples.


Barhi date palm is always characterized by its high yield. The fruits are sold fresh, in yellow color, or in semi-dried or dried dates in are generally in brown color. The Barhi Date Palm tree has heavy trunk of medium height and its leaf bases are broad. The fruit stalks are wide, long and heavy.