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Medjool Dates


After several years of continuous care and nurture, fine sorting to simply top quality! Tamara Farms is proud to announce its harvest of Medjool Dates. Our name represents our passion for dates, as the definition of the word Tamara is Palm tree; a symbolic oriental name for the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree. Among the sweet variety of dates Medjool is considered to be the queen of all dates, since it was reserved in earlier times at the royal court. The natural honey-sweet, thick and fleshy, perfectly healthy soft pulped Medjoul dates are a must to taste, at least once in a lifetime.

Medjool date is also known as "Majhool". It is accounted as one of the best kind due to its exceptional features, in terms of size, benefits and taste. It is being grown in healthy environment that is not available elsewhere.

The Valley of Jordan is located at the lowest area in the world. It stands below sea level down to about 400 meters. There, it is almost sunny all the year. According to experts, this climate is important for high quality production. Also, they say that the salty land in the Valley of Jordan which is caused by the Dead Sea is vital for the exclusive production of Medjool dates.