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Tamara Farms represents the agricultural branch of Naouri Group in Jordan; one of the largest Transport, Logistics and Tourism groups in the Middle East. Our farms are located in the Northern part of the Jordan valley, as well as in the northern part of Jordan, as each area has a special climate, perfect for meeting the needs of our variety of products.

The blessed Jordan Valley is not like any other. It is located at the lowest area in the world. It stands below sea level down to about 400 meters. There, it is almost sunny all the year in fact it is the perfect shell for Mejdool, Barhi and all other Date Palm trees, offering high temperature and low humidity. We have come to benefit from it, by providing the highest and newest planting techniques, which include providing Propagation and crop management; Crop protection and integrated Pest Management (IPM); Post?harvest handling and processing techniques; Biotechnology and germplasm conservation.


We have also invested in the most up-to-date, dates grading and cleaning machine in the Middle East, to ensure top of the notch quality products in the market.


Nature has granted us with such a perfect environment, not only for the production of Medjool and Barhi dates in the Jordan Valley, but also for the rest of our products including Pure Honey, Stone & Citrus Fruits, Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the northern part of Jordan.